Friday, 23 March 2012

Ironing - the bane of the industry!!!

Are you looking for ironing tips for your Guesthouse or B&B then you've come to the right place!

Do I need to Iron?

If you asked this question while living a life of normality and not running a B&B then I would say that you don't have to iron anything as it is your prerogative.  But because you run a B&B then of course you have to iron - your guests expect crisp clean sheets but there are shortcuts you can take....

Ironing can take up a lot of time and unless you are one of those people where ironing is the best thing in the world then like me - you'll have a problem in no time at all!

If you just have a standard iron with steam function then the most obvious way to iron the giant King size or Double Duvet covers and pillow is to use the folding technique.  You don't have to iron the cover as a single sheet, fold it in half first so that it fits on the ironing board and then just feed it up over the board.

Doubling - Folding - Ironinng

Keep on Doubling up on the duvet covers as you iron so when you have ironed one side, fold it in half leaving the un-ironed part on the outside as you do so, iron that bit and fold again!  Folding, ironing, folding, ironing!

If the iron is hot and ready to go then each Duvet cover takes between 5-10 minutes depending on how much of a perfectionist one is.

Secret Tip!

I've done this before and I'm pretty sure some other people have to - it's nothing to be ashamed of and indeed should be promoted...

Iron the sheets and covers on the bed!

Once you've made the bed which normally takes the most time, if you have not ironed the Duvet Cover on the ironing board then put the iron on a medium temperature with lots of steam and iron on the bed while everything is in position.

Because you have already stretched the sheets on the bed it is easier and quicker to do it this way then you have not got to worry about the ironing in the afternoons!

Do I have to Iron sheets?

My opinion is - No - for the simple reason that when you fold it after washing and drying and then stretch it out over the bed tightly there isn't really any creases to be seen especially if it's a high quality Cotton sheet.

Extra Tips....

If you have a neighbour who is retired for example or someone close by that could do with an extra income how about asking them to wash aswell - £2 per bed would go down very well - 5 rooms at £2 per room that's £10 a day for your business washing, drying and ironing - £300 per month they could even drop it round the next morning when you swap the clean for the dirty - You'll never know if you don't ask!

Some people have said that if you wash the bedding and then hang it straight outside then it pretty much un-creases itself - if this actually Happens I'd love to hear about it as I don't recall that sheets iron themselves unless it is a new material.  But hanging them up while they are wet definitely makes them easier to iron as the weight of the wet material stretches itself out as it drys.


It may come down to the fact that you'll just have to learn to enjoy ironing.  Get yourself a funky board design and set up a special place in the house where the ironing is to be done, get a radio nearby or plug in your iPod and dance while you iron - it'll keep you fit!

Invest in ironing and learn to love it!

If anybody else has any tips then please please feel free to share them :) !!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Be Friendly & Welcome your Guests..


Nothing less than the Red Carpet, anybody paying for Bed & breakfast wants and deserves to get the best service and service here is the key.

'Keyodhoo Guest house' in the Maldives - An obvious Welcome, over the top but great fun!

It maybe your home but great Customer Service is crucial.  Be welcoming and be friendly and be willing to answer any questions and be there if they need help for anything.

I have stayed in many places over the years and 50% of the battle is when you are greeted with a Smile and welcomed into your environment.  So So many places can't even provide this most basic of services.

Your rooms have to be nice of course in your own style but make sure they are clean, cleanliness is vitally important and is a must if you are receiving paying guests.

The Breakfast must be wholesome and plentiful, not just an egg, sausage and beans on a plate - give them what they pay for - you would expect it and so do your guests.

Be Friendly & Harmonious!

Welcome to Bed and Breakfast Tips!

I will update this page contantly with stories, tips and scenarios that I have encountered with my B&B over the past few years.  I am young and still relatively new to this but we at 90% capacity* in the 6 month high season every year for the past few years and I can let you in on the secret of where to advertise, what guests really want and how to get yourself into that routine of running a day to night business....

*  We have five rooms and are normally 100% full for 6 months during the peak season but due to few very late cancellations it takes us down to 90% :)